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Backup and Recovery

Free Bankup for VOIP Servers

Server for VoIP is the only service provider in the industry who keeps a full image backup of your entire voip server by using rsync backup method. This server comes free with all of our voip servers.

DDOS Protected VoIP Server

DDOS Protection

True Layer 7 DDOS Mitigation

We provide Truly Layer 7 DDOS Protection powered by NSFOCUS. DDOS Protection keeps your VOIP server safe from Packet Loss, Hang Calls, Wrong Billing etc.

24/7 Support

Onsite Support from Datacenter

We have 24/7 Onsite support team available in our Datacenter. Unlike other we provide direct support for our VOIP clients from the Datacenter, so you can remove any middleman based support.

Own Datacenter

100% own equipment and network

We own all our equipment and network. In this way we can always maintain a better quality and support for our service. Unlike others we are not a reseller of any other Datacenter’s service.

Enterprise Hardware

Reliability, Stability and Performance Ensured

All of our Hardware are Enterprise grade. We use Dell Servers which is the best in the market for their quality product. We provide enterprise grade SSD and HDD with all servers.

Improved Infrastructure

All latest technology for better Security

Server for VoIP is always committed to bring the better infrastructure and all latest security features to bring the best possible support to our clients. You just think about your business leave other work on us.